November 6, 2019

Writing Daily in November

As I wrote about on November 1st, I had planned to write a post every day in November. After just a few days of this, and reading a Derek Sivers post (thanks Ben), I realized it was doing a few things: making my writing worse, making my posts not as valuable as they could be, and taking away from some other things that were important to me.

I have been wanting to get back to writing here, but I think it makes more sense to put some priority on brainstorming more ideas that I can take my time and turn into excellent posts, rather than just forcing myself to write something every day.

For some reference, and possibly a teaser at topics to come, here are some things I’ve been doing/learning that I find important and valuable — woodworking, projects around the house, journaling, data science, and writing for Everyday Wear. Also, some personal focus points have been focusing on time with my wife, exercise and eating right, and finding the right balance of news.

Writing those out has given me some ideas to add to my brainstorming list, so rather than posting something everyday this month, my plan is to make progress on one or more of these ideas each day this month (again, thanks Ben).

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